We love to hear back from your patients. Please feel free to browse through their testimonials for the Gillian A Michael team.

"Gillian has been looking after me and my walking for many years now. I've gone from slowly trudging in circles to walking in New Zealand and going to the gym. What a difference some orthotics and Gillian's skill and on-going footcare makes!"
J. Loveday
"I've been coming here since 2004, every 5 weeks. I started playing tennis later in life and noticed that the condition of my feet deteriorated due to the sport, so I decided to consult a Chiropodist. I noticed the clinic as I'm a regular customer at John Bell & Croyden. I've been to 2 or 3 Chiropodists in this clinic who have all been excellent, as is Sophie who is my current Chiropodist."
S. Hutter
"I have been coming to see Heather for five years and her skills have made a noticeable contribution to the quality of my daily life"
P. Lever
"My wife and I have been coming to Gillian's clinic for some years. All of the team are very professional. In particular, I have found Bindu to be excellent. Bindu has been very good at getting to the bottom of any problems and addressing them."
R. Wolff
"I have been a patient of Gillian Michael at her Podiatry & Chiropody clinic for nearly ten years and have really enjoyed my visits. I would recommend her highly"
I. Vohs
"My name is Gordon Reynolds and for a few years now, I have attended Gillian A Michael's Podiatry Clinic. Over that period of time and especially the excellent service I have received, Sophie is a wonderful lady and professional to her 'fingertips'. If it is not to presumptuous of me to say, I have dubbed Sophie the Podiatrist of the Century. My very best wishes to all the staff at Gillian A Michael, of which I include of course Yvonne the Administrator, Thank you."
Gordon Reynolds
"I play sports and like to keep fit. This includes looking after my feet, which my husband appreciates too. Heather treats my feet so well that I only have to visit twice per year and make sure I do when I am in London. I have great confidence in Heather. The practice was recommended to me by a doctor in Harley Street. I have been coming here for 5 years and am extremely happy with the high level of attentive treatment."
C. Kaufmann
"Gillian Michael and her team are able to help you with any foot problem. On a personal note, I am now seeing Sophie as my Chiropodist of choice and I am happy to say I am a repeat customer because she really takes the time and trouble to look after my feet in a professional manner. The added bonus is that the support team are very helpful and are always happy to book appointments to suit me and my busy schedule."
A. Gherson
"I've been coming to the practice for many years and have always found Heather utterly helpful and professional as are the whole team"
"My Chiropodist Sophie is excellent. She sorts out all my chiropody problems in my regular six weekly appointments and I never have any problems between appointments. We also have a nice chat whilst she is working on my feet! I would definitely recommend her."
Mrs M